Are you a non-techy introverted author, speaker, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur wanting to make an impact through podcasting?

The Podcast Wizard Checklist


Plus, a BONUS checklist to help you get started with your podcast

What is more rewarding than helping someone else find their voice? I love to share my knowledge with other people because it feels so good when they create their own narratives by just listening.

What about you? Would you like to share your knowledge with others?

Have you ever considered starting a podcast? There are so many benefits to doing this. You can share your knowledge and expertise with the world, create original content that is completely unique from what already exists in terms of its style or perspective – all while making money off ad revenue!

However, there are certain things to avoid if you want to have a successful podcast!

My podcast, Talking with the Experts, is gaining momentum among the other 2.3 million other podcasts in the world. Believe me when I tell you, if I had known when I started what I know now, my podcast would be ranking well into the top 200 podcasts in Australia.

Podcast Wizard & Checklist for Book Cover

To prevent you from the head and heartache of trial and error, I am sharing with you my e-book of the top 10 common podcasting mistakes I have found and how to fix them. I have even included a podcast checklist to ensure you are on the right track to success.

Having a podcast is the best way to build authority and credibility for your business. Making those 10 common mistakes is not!

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