Global Glamping Charities Inc

Solving homelessness in all its forms

Assisting Survivors of natural disasters, domestic violence and economic circumstance

Natural Disaster

We supply relocatable homes to people who are homeless due to a Natural Disaster on a rent or to-buy-buy basis. They are affordable and provide a solution, particularly when their home was uninsured before the disaster.

Domestic Violence

Our aim is to identify suitable properties where we can place relocatable housing for individuals seeking to escape violence.

Economic Circumstance

With the cost of living, business challenges, and the impact of inflation, all Australians are exposed to some risk of becoming homeless.

Membership Benefits

Travel Vouchers

Offer your customers a three-plus night accommodation voucher to destinations around Australia, NZ, Fiji & Bali simply via filling out a form and clicking submit.

These can be used for any marketing purpose you choose.

e-Store and Auction Site

Receive your own e-commerce store and auction site to sell your products and services in both traditional and digital currencies, with a dedicated account manager that manages your store for you. It’s just like e-bay without the fees.

Digital Currency Access

Global Glamping Charities introduces a Digital Currency that slashes living costs by up to 15%, empowers small businesses, and aids housing initiatives for the homeless.

Bridging The Gap

As a member, you are also a recipient of our Economic Homelessness Project, where you can access a suite of benefits, grants, and support to help prevent your business from becoming homeless too.

About Us

In 2021, as Covid restrictions started to ease, the founder of Global Glamping Charities Inc noticed a concerning trend. Housing for the homeless was no longer about assisting those who fit the traditional stereotype. It now also encompassed individuals affected by natural disasters, domestic violence, and economic hardships.

Unfortunately, this new group of homeless victims had limited support. Recognizing this critical gap, we decided to take action and establish three dedicated programs to address their specific needs.

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