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Thank you for inviting me on your podcast. Yes, I enjoyed our conversation as well and I hope your audience finds value in my story and insights.

 Your show is a great resource for a variety of diverse perspectives on what it takes to be successful. Well worth the listen!

Steve Haffner

Decision Performance Expert | Certified Virtual Presenter | President N'tl Speakers Association Kentucky

Thank you so much for having me on your podcast, Rose Davidson!

It was such a fun interview and I absolutely love what Rose has created with the ‘Talking with the Experts, series.

Very excited to be a part of it!

I appreciate the opportunity. Such an enjoyable experience – thank you…

Prosper Taruvinga

Founder, Livelong Digital Pty Ltd

I so appreciate and value our time on your podcast. I think you are doing a valuable service, both to your listeners and for people like me who have some experience and want to share that so others can learn from it. I think what you are doing is giving us all the opportunity to interact with story. It is one thing to listen to a 30-minute lecture, it is another thing to interact with a story. Most of us learn better through story than we do a lecture.

So thank you for doing this incredible work.


Daniel Edds

Praxis Solutions

Thanks for inviting me on. My experience was very positive, you create a relaxed conversational approach, that allows for true authentic insights to flow. You also elevate the guests and add to the conversation in a way that demonstrates that you are really listening. By this you made me feel that you were interested in what I had to say. Good job Rose.

Julian Roberts

Founder, Julian Roberts Consulting Ltd

Great interview. I loved your energy and passion for me as your guest and my mission to help others.

Michael Coles

Founder, Choose Your Reader (App)

Thank you, Rose, for inviting me to speak on your podcast — and sharing my new business endeavour @BlueSkysLife, set to launch early 2021!

 I enjoyed our thought-provoking conversation, in regards to purpose-led brands and the wellness reset that the world is experiencing.

 Your vlog Talking with the Experts is both informative  & inspiring !!!

 I look forward to continuing our conversation in 2021.

Kristina Shea

Founder | CEO, Blue Skys Life

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Rose Davidson on her vodcast, ‘Talking with the Experts’. It was a most enjoyable experience.

Rose does her homework, knows your expertise, and moves the talking along effortlessly.

I highly recommend Rose’s vodcast. I believe listeners will find it both informative and enjoyable.

Pat Sullivan

Coach, Sullivan and Associates

Rose Davidson was a wonderful host.  It was a pleasure to be interviewed by her on her vodcast, ‘Talking With the Experts’.  She makes a guest feel very comfortable and asks informative questions that would benefit any audience.  We greatly appreciated the opportunity and look forward to returning.

Sabrina Osso

TEDx Speaker-Domestic Violence Speaker-Real Estate Agent-Consultant, OSSO SAFE, LLC.

Rose is an excellent podcast host who makes you feel welcome and puts the spotlight on your story. The show is conversational, flows easily, and is over in a blink. I highly recommend being a guest — and a loyal listener.

Laura Gariepy

Founder, Every Day by the Lake (Before You Go Freelance)

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