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I am a co-founder and President of a domestic and family violence awareness initiative that came into being in 2018. Six weeks after our committee was formed, we held our inaugural pamper day event.

The event attracted 25 professionals offering a range of healing modalities. There was a Sharing Room where keynote speakers shared their stories & experiences. We also music and dance performances. It offered women the opportunity to enjoy many free services such as massages, facials, makeup, hair styling, and personal styling. There were various services represented on the day who also provided advice on legal and financial matters.

Let me tell you, I was pretty stressed leading up to the event, ensuring that all of the paperwork for the exhibitors was completed, the speakers had submitted their bios and photos, the Facebook posts were done for each of the speakers, posters about the speakers were done for the day, printing was done for the event, running sheets, etc. …so much to do!

I had planned events before, but nothing on this scale, and certainly not all the admin that went with it. It just seemed to fall onto me because… it just did!

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