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Human beings are storytelling animals, to paraphrase novelist Salman Rushdie. Creative professionals know this innate drive better than anyone. It’s a truth universally acknowledged—and not just by writers. Stories create meaningful connections, and nothing is clicking with audiences more than listening to podcasts.

Were you aware that when the average new podcast is downloaded more than 136 times it is regarded as being in the top 50% of podcasts in the first 30 days after launch?

That means that your business name is being heard by 50% of all podcast listeners.

With more than 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes as of April 2021 worldwide (Podcast Insights, 2021), what an awesome opportunity for you to get your business in front of people.

What is the difference between a podcast and a Vodcast?

What is the purpose of vodcast?

A step beyond podcasting, vodcasting, also called video podcasting or vlogging, adds video to the downloadable sound files podcast listeners are used to. Download the video files is a simple matter of subscribing to a vodcast in one of the many freely available directory programs.


Below are examples


Ep #190 Wendell Jordan - Local SEO

by Talking with the Experts


Vodcast (Vlog)

If you are ready to have a podcast or a vodcast (or both) book a call with me to discuss your needs.

How I can help


Podcast production is key to the growth and success of your show.

Great podcasts often sound effortless. The audio is crystal clear, the hosts sound like they are having fun, and the show seems to flow naturally from one topic to the next. But that doesn’t happen by magic. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make it all come together. And it all starts with well thought out podcast production.

If you’re launching your own podcast, production should be at the top of your priority list. Think of it like building a house. If you don’t lay a solid foundation, your house (or in this case, podcast) probably won’t be around for very long. Taking time to nail down production is one of the best ways to give your podcast real staying power.

In order to spread their message more clearly and effectively, new and seasoned podcasters rely on the help and expertise of podcast producers. Undoubtedly, the help of a podcast producer is invaluable in achieving certain objectives like high-quality episodes, increase in followers, and dramatic boost in ranking, to name a few.

So, what are podcast producers exactly?

Podcasts have become highly popular among entrepreneurs because of their peerless value as a marketing tool. For starters, podcasting helped them create a huge network of followers. In addition, it also became a venue where they can effectively and consistently connect with those followers. For those who are looking to increase their number of followers, a podcast producer can also be their trusted ally.

A podcast producer acts as an administrator and technical director. They handle many responsibilities like managing the podcast, recording and editing the episodes, and other behind-the-scenes interactions. The podcast producer is the creative genius who does research on various strategies and campaigns needed to ensure the success of a podcast.

In a nutshell, a podcast producer can do wonders for your podcast. They will not only spare you from the many hassles of podcasting, but they can also help ensure you are able to provide top-quality podcasts your listeners will surely love. As a podcaster, that will leave you plenty of time to focus on other aspects that will require your expertise and attention.

If you are ready to have a podcast or a vodcast (or both) book a call with me to discuss your needs.

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