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Challenged with getting eyes on your videos and getting Facebook page and website conversion?

Perhaps it’s the video editing that’s at fault.

It’s been proven that there is a connection between the use of video and better Facebook page or website conversion rates.

In fact, 95% of a message is retained when seen on video compared to 10% when reading via text. (Insivia)

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Tiring of the corporate world in 2014 after more than 35 years in high-level administrative roles, Rose started her business, DOES Biz, in 2015, promoting the administrative services that she could provide female entrepreneurs; however, this did not light her up.

Although she offered PowerPoint presentations, video editing and promotional videos as part of her administration services, in 2020 Rose pivoted her business to solely focus on this area as her passion ultimately lies in being visually creative.

Having worked with a number of clients since she made the change, her business is now thriving.

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Rose Davidson, Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Social Media, PowerPoint, Presentations,  Program, Programs, Workshops, Events, Video, Speakers, Hybrid Speaker Support, Helping Speakers Transition to an Online Business, Expert

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