Why Livestreaming is the future of conferences and events

Why Livestreaming is the future of conferences and events

Before I start explaining how an online event manager can help you, here are three things I want you to answer:

  1.  Have you heard of an online event manager?
  2. Do you know how an online event manager can help you?
  3. How will you deliver value to your attendees when they are not sitting in person in front of you?

For those who rely on events as an income stream, taking them online is an idea that has been gaining momentum. However, it doesn’t come without concerns like how to manage without the energy or excitement or personal interaction you are used to from face-to-face encounters or the technological challenges if you aren’t tech-savvy.

Live video has evolved from nice-to-have to necessity when it comes to events.

Livestreamed events deliver real return-on-investment, increase future ticket sales, and expand the reach of your message beyond your venue. The advance in mobile technology allows you to engage individually with anyone at your events.

This is where an Online Event Manager can help. They make sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly giving you the flexibility to do other things and more time to promote your event. Having an Online Event Manager also enables you to focus on your market and get those conversions every business owner wants.

And, the speakers market size is expected to reach a value of $ 28.37B during 2021-2025.

Research shows that in 2020 the most universal impact thrust onto speakers because of the pandemic was a financial one with events cancelled, empty diaries and many waited until they could go back to in-person events which turned out to be few and far between.

 Suddenly, they have found that their marketing strategy only has a single touchpoint and there were no more eager faces in front of them for all they knew and instead, there’s just a screen. It seemed daunting to maintain an online presence on top of everything else that comes with running any business.

In July 2020, I helped Book Speakers Direct organise an online event to inform those in the event industry how venues and other organisations had been impacted by COVID. My part in the process was making short promotional videos that helped the event attract 456 leads and registrations in under 3 weeks as well as setting up the event online.

 And in August 2021, I facilitated an all-day online conference for Flavourista where I MC’d and managed the behind-the-scenes tech to allow our guest speaker to give their presentation.

Your online presentations should not be a stressful or overwhelming time. So, getting someone to help you get the most out of the time you spend with your audience is to your advantage.

I would love to have a conversation about how this can work for you. When is the next time you will be presenting? Give me a call today and let’s discuss how I might help ensure that all those hard-earned hours are put to good use. Let me take care of the back-end logistics so you can focus on giving an amazing presentation from anywhere, anytime. What would it look like if your presentations were less stressful and gave you more peace of mind because they were taken care of by someone else?

6 key HR challenges, and how to solve them

6 key HR challenges, and how to solve them

The 6 key HR challenges your business may already be facing

Are you an Australian business owner struggling to keep up with your HR processes?

When it comes to Human Resources, poor people practices can cause major disruptions to achieve business objectives, and issues can compound on a daily basis, costing businesses valuable time and money.

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1. Compliance

In 2020, 71% of employers audited by the Fair Work Ombudsman were found to be non-compliant.* This extensive list covered non-compliance in areas such as; poorly drafted (or non-existent) employment contracts and policies, limited understanding of Award coverage, misinterpreting the Fair Work Act, unfair handling of employee grievances, and an inadequate approach to managing work, health and safety.

Partnering with a proven outsourced provider can help you ensure your business remains 100% HR compliant. With an expert team, you’ll have the right tools, expertise and knowledge to ensure you remain compliant and up-to-date on all HR issues.


2. Performance Management

Your business must develop a performance management system. Underperformers can not only have a detrimental effect on your business, they can also drive away top performers. Without one, you may not be able to identify and nurture the best talent and improve on inefficiencies.

Delaying tough decisions, or getting those decisions wrong, can be damaging to staff morale and your bottom line.

Partnering with a proven outsourced provider can ensure you have access to the right HR tools to ensure role clarity, drive the right behaviours, manage performance, and develop your team so they each have the opportunity to become a top performer.


3. HR Administration

Administration can be costly and time-consuming, particularly when it comes to manual processes. In 2021, many SMEs continue to maintain manual systems, including rostering, payroll, recruiting and onboarding.

For greater efficiency and accuracy, many businesses are now turning to outsourced HR providers. Finding a dedicated team of local consultants can help you simplify your HR management and administration process with the latest cloud-based HR software.


4. Workplace culture

Businesses spend thousands of dollars and countless hours defining the values, beliefs and principles of their business. These often serve as the foundation of their management performance system and encompass various aspects of the business, including the attitudes of their employees. If these values are misaligned with the core beliefs of your team, problems become apparent very quickly.

Finding an HR partner to help you define this system can help you foster a dynamic and engaging working environment. Focus on shared vision and goals, relevant company values, leadership development, communication, employee engagement, reward systems and effective teamwork.


5. Recruitment and retention

High staff turnover can be devastating for business (particularly if top performers are walking out the door), and is often the result of deeper issues. In many instances, employees leave when they don’t grow, aren’t receiving clear direction from their managers, or don’t feel supported by their team or workplace culture.

Align your HR goals with your company objectives. Finding expert assistance can help you measure and improve employee engagement by collecting and acting on regular feedback, and promote genuine coaching and conversations between managers and employees.


6. Ineffective HR managers

How good is your HR Manager? Do they make good decisions based on your company’s objectives? Have they created a sound performance management system? Do they promote the right behaviours and ensure each of your employees has the opportunity to grow and develop? If they do, that’s great. If they don’t, it’s clear that change is required.

Finding expert assistance in hiring the right people is integral to making sure your business stays on the right track and remains competitive in today’s market. It also ensures that your team feels supported and respected at work.

*Fair Work Ombudsman Performance Report 2019-20

Source: Employment Innovations

Onboarding A New Client: What You Need To Know

Onboarding A New Client: What You Need To Know

6 Best Practices For Onboarding New Clients

1. Practice a People-Focused Approach

One size does not fit all. Customize your service or product

2. Wind Up Before the Kick-off

The kick-off meeting is where you can really solidify your client’s ideas and needs and make a concrete plan.

3. Prove Your Value Quickly

Consider the onboarding stage as less a stage and more a process. Once you’ve established your foundation and you’ve made clear your client’s goals, it’s time to get moving.

4. Organize Your Communication

Setting a communication schedule (or at least simple expectations) will ensure that neither you nor your client falls off each other’s map.

5. Consider the Tech

Onboarding tools exist to help you automate the customer’s journey through the onboarding process — many of them also contain pre-formatted checklists and check-in forms to help you expedite onboarding’s organizational component. But don’t forget to customize.

6. Exchange Feedback

And do it often. Don’t share just your own; listen to client feedback. When the time is right, ask them for it. Is this communication schedule working for you? Is there something that you feel like you’re missing? Does this goal schedule make sense in conjunction with your expectations?

Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying In The Workplace

Have you ever found yourself not wanting to attend your place of employment because the boss or a certain co-worker or co-workers might be there; you know that feeling, knotted stomach, headaches, sweaty palms, perhaps nausea?

When you do not have to be around the boss or someone else, you feel fine. You don’t want to put a name to it, but you are pretty sure that you are suffering from anxiety or even panic attacks.

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I found myself in that situation some years ago. Every time I entered the building, I felt nauseous, my breathing would become rapid, my heart would beat faster, and I thought that I would faint.

4 Steps You Must Take to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome and Comparisonitis

4 Steps You Must Take to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome and Comparisonitis

“Day after day, I read what others are writing, and I feel so inadequate. I ask myself, “why did I make such big a financial investment in the first place?” “What do I have to offer these people who seem to be much more knowledgeable than me?” In times like that, I must remind myself that I am enough. I am unique, and what I have to offer is needed in the business world. So why, then, do I feel like such a fraud? Have I been conditioned this way? Perhaps. Am I a capable person? Of course. Would others benefit from my knowledge? Absolutely. Why then do I put myself through this self-doubt?

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